Training and Development

We provide training and development workshops and programmes on a wide range of topics:

Communication - assertiveness training with a difference

Career Development Programmes- from self assessment to goal setting to implementation of goals!

Personal excellence: Assessing strengths and values, developing key skills and working on increasing your emotional intelligence.

The four temperaments - Four primary personality types on which many personality tests are based on: Melancholic, Phlegmatic, Sanguine and Choleric temperament. We all have a predominant temperament that we are born with and which 'colours' our lives, like a basic mood (not moody) and which influences HOW we do things in life!

Biography workshops Every human life has stages of development which we all have to follow. Within these laws of development we search for the 'red thread' which runs through our life and which gives us indications of our uniqueness, our individuality which has a unique calling or 'task' to fulfil. Biography work is an inspiring way to work individually or in small groups, discovering who you are, what themes and issues you need to work on and ultimately how to hold the pen, writing your own biography- taking hold of your life!

Personal effectives's programmes: Programmes designed to focus on strength, qualities and values, teaching communication skills, self-promoting, Networking and overcoming inner and outer 'hurdles' to achieve one's goals.