How Springboard works

The course is open to all woman.
The only qualification needed is the desire to change and develop and a willingness to commit time and energy.

The programme involves four one day workshops -
spread over 3 months.
This means participants can integrate learning into everyday life.

Each participant is working through a 300 page New Zealand workbook in their own time in between the workshops. The workbook is full of practical ideas, challenging exercises, questionnaires and short biographies to inspire!

On each workshop a guest speaker is invited to act as a practical role-model to give examples to inspire participants.

A Flexible support network is set up to support participants throughout the programme.

As a key skill of the future, networking is formally and informally encouraged inside and outside the organisation.

Each programme is set up by a licensed Springboard trainer who helps and coaches the client from beginning to the final evaluation. This ensures everyone involved in the programme benefits.

The option is given to train more senior woman as mentors in order to set-up a dynamic structure to promote learning and development.