Coaching for Confidence!

We specialize in coaching WOMEN to achieve whatever they decide to do!

Do you lack confidence to:

Confidence has a lot to do with how well you know yourself, life experience and communication skills as well as a good portion of courage!

Our safe, warm, non-judgmental sessions help women to address real life issues that are stopping them from achieving what they want to achieve. Success can be re-defined which in most cases for women has to do with balance of work and life, body, soul and spirit as well as balancing different energies within!

Career/Life coaching - specializing in helping clients to find their passion and connect their skills and strengths with it!

Do you feel:

We have individually designed packages

to assist clients in their process of finding a new career, transition in a constructive way to harvest all the experiences, values and skills in a new found direction. Whether you have been made redundant, want to make a career change and don't know quite where to go and how to go about it - we are keen to assist you in finding your path to success by teaching you how to write a winning CV, do well at an interview, conquer that 'hidden job market' and learn to master a key skill: Networking!

Learn how to promote yourself in a way that feels good for you and gets you the results you are after!

The process involves a biographical look at one's life's events, themes and patterns that emerge, as well as finding that 'red thread ' that runs through one's life as a whole.

The belief behind this approach is that human beings have a spiritual aspect of their personality that is utterly unique and searches for ways to express itself. Work and life is seen as a learning journey to grow and develop as a human being, embracing 'difficult' and even painful life situations to become a more integrated and more resilient person that works from her/his own wisdom.

The fundamental belief is that everybody has their own answers to their unique questions, that everybody wants to grow and develop and a total respect for each individual choice and world view.

Well Being Coaching:
A holistic approach to wellness - body, soul and spirit

We are in the age of the 'wellness' industry thriving - the baby boomers want to live longer, have fun and be fit to do all of this!

We support people to improve their overall well being:

Body - Nutrition and diet, exercise, establishing healthy habits like sleep.

Soul - Healthy thinking: positive thinking is easier said then done but is key for success in every way.

Emotional intelligence - Developing awareness of one's emotions and feelings and dealing constructively with them. Providing oneself with soul food: Contemplation, reflection and meditation as an active practice to build resilience and weather the storms of life.