Work and Personal Development programme-
Specially for Men

Life for men is changing, and changing fast. Many men are questioning who they are, where their life is going and how their expectations of life fit with these rapid changes. Navigator provides men with a down-to-earth way of exploring these issues.

Navigator is full of positive thinking and good humour and is packed with ideas and examples. Content include: realistic self assessment, challenging expectation, a man's world, clarifying values, taking risks and making changes, physical and feeling fitness, setting achievable goal strategies, assertiveness for men, putting yourself across positively, working relationships, communication and production.


Programme outcomes:

Immediate results
Improved effectiveness at work
More confidence at work
Take more responsibility
Longer term
Increased confidence
Taking more initiative
Improved relationships

The program consists of five main ingredients:

The program is run by licensed Navigator Trainer Mike Taverner who lives in Canberra and is a well established consultant in program management, training and rural research. He is a gifted trainer and communicator who has embraced Navigator as an opportunity to expand his work with men's groups. Mike is a long-term associate of Careers in Motion.